I’m Dweebin of a White Christmas…..

Just like the ones we had before….

With Mammoth MT in full operation

And its skiers giving ovation

To hear sleigh bells ringing through the snow…..


Great Storm!!!! Today Christmas Eve is clean up day…..Loader drivers started early this morning…hoping to get done in time to spend with their families…..

The whole pattern is beginning is shifting east now. A period of dry weather is in store beginning about New Years Day or the Day after….. A large scale trof will develop out over the Central Pacific during the first week of January. This results in long wave ridging and a shift to more of a positive phase PNA (Dry Pattern) the first week of January as well. Meanwhile the Arctic Oscillation is still negative and the over all hemispheric pattern is progressive. This means that for California, the state will have a break for a while. However, the Dweebs see ridging returning over the central pacific by about the 10th of January and wet weather returning as well…..especially going into the 2nd week of January.

In the meantime, we have two more systems to deal with.  One that will bring moderate amounts of snowfall mainly Christmas Day Eve into Wednesday 12:00 Noon (1 to 2 feet over the upper elevations). The Dweebs do not believe that we will have much snowfall Christmas day afternoon). So the Blue Birds will be Churpin eary in the morning, however will fly for cover later in the afternoon. IE. get up early Christmas Day and get out on the slopes!!!

For the Loader drivers, this looks like an early Wednesday morning plow. Between 10 and 20 inches are expected at the Village at Mammoth between Tuesday night and Wednesday PM.

The last in the series is expected the end of this week. It will be fighting “Rising Long Wave Heights” So it will be splitting……

This system is being handled differently by the global models with the latest Deterministic Run the 12Z GFS showing a track a bit closer to the Ca Coast. However the ECMWF, is more off shore with little effect upon the Sierra. In that the trend of the latest two GFS runs has the system closer to the coast…and that the trend it usually the weatherman’s friend…..  The thoughts are that this system may end up bringing us some light snowfall Saturday from a dissipating WX front, before the trof cuts off into a closed upper low off shore……which then redevelops eastward over the Southern San Joaquin valley. Based upon the 12z GFS guidance…this is due to short wave energy in the upper portion of the split diving into the back side redeveloping the cut off over the Bakersfield area, about Sunday night the 30th. This version of the pattern is highlighted by some chilly weather….along with snow showers and periods of some up-slope around the end of the year. Not a big deal from a snowfall perspective either way but we could get several inches of snow and gusty NE winds over the crest along with cold weather the day before and New Years Eve.

There after….a nice break until the end of the first week of January or so.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………………:-)