A small relatively moisture starved storm managed to dump 4 to 8 inches of welcomed snowfall on Mammoth Mountain.. Although the QPF from all sources were under a quarter of an inch, strong orographics, cold temps and strong upslope winds were enough to squeeze out several inches including about 4 inches at the Village at the Mammoth. However, traveling east only an inch fell on HWY 395.  Lots of locals wondered where all the snow came from. The answer??  The Sky!  😉

Actually when the models are dry like that and the moisture is so shallow, there is really no way to accurately predict how much orographically induces snowfall your going to get. The only thing that can be said is that light amounts are expected, which at this elevation and location geographically speaking, its anywhere between 1 and 6 inches. That was the Dweebs forecast….

At the moment, the westerly flow with the pattern is pushing off to the east, with then a northerly flow with an inside slider taking over later tonight into Monday. So although another 1 to 2 inches of snow could possibly fall the next 12 hours…..for the most part its over.  There will be strong northerly sierra crest winds coming up late tonight into Monday. The air mass will chill further with highs in the mid 20s Monday after early morning lows in the low single digits. There will be wind chill factors on your face for you sliders tomorrow. Otherwise were done with the storms for a week…..

For the time being…the MJO has been stuck in pretty much the same spot (Phase 7) near the dateline for a week. Lets hope its gets off the dime……

That will help change the pattern….


The Dweeber……..;-)