All the Dweebs can say is Wow!  Our weather is way too nice for this time of the year…..


The strong upper high over California will weaken this weekend to allow considerable high clouds into our area beginning later Thursday.  Temps will remain in the low 60s until Friday when a slow cooling trend develops. The cooling is more due to falling heights and cloudiness then any cool air advection.

The next important change comes to the Eastern Sierra when the wave length opens up a bit across the Conus. Notably, Week 2 when positive height anomalies pull far enough north next week and allow more energy to break under the Greenland Block. This looks promising. I think…I mean I hope that the ECMWF has the right idea now as the latest GFS and GFSX has been coming over to its idea of a storm about mid week, next week.

The ECMWF is pretty wet. It appears to be taping into a mid pacific westerly flow (Subtropical jet) and is generously painting 2+ inches (QPF) for the Central Sierra next week between Wednesday and Friday night.  The GFS is looking promising as well.  However….I would approach this with caution as drought patterns like the one we have been in the past 8 to 10 weeks do not change that quickly. Rather…they tend to fade away with the seasonal change.


So try to enjoy the beautiful weather. I realize that it is difficult. 😉  I Will update this Saturday Night or Sunday the latest…..


The Dweeber…………………..;-)