Here is the latest on the Greenland Block.  The (-AO,-NAO Combo)

Wow! Look at the coming break down of the block!!!!

AO index

NAO Index

PNA Index

Even though the PNA index has had nothing to write home about, the Block to the East over the north has….


The Dweebs believe that together, these two teleconnections have had more effect upon California’s dry weather this winter then anything else!  Including the MJO

The forecast is for the block to weaken and fade away by the end of the month…..It is beginning to break down now…..Seasonally?

So the big long wave negative height anomaly that has been static over the east should finally push off into the Atlantic…opening up the wavelength for storms for the west coast. Don’t put away your boards just yet!!!

The central west coast storm door has a much better chance of opening up beginning the last 5 days of March…then well into April.

It may very well end up a wet April.  More later>>>>>>>>>>>


Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………..:-)