Tuesday Update:

About 2 inches is the storm total so far.  Currently….upslope conditions prevail with gusty NE flow over the crest. There could be another inch today over the upper elevations.  The strong winds that gusted 50+ in the town yesterday will be much lighter today. However the upper mountain will experience a continuation of moderate to strong winds….but mainly just over the crest.  Cold weather is now the highlight today and tonight with highs near freezing at 8000 ft and lows in the mid teens.

An upper high at 500mb begins to build in Wednesday. This will herald a warm up. Temperatures that are a good 20 degrees below normal today will rise to 10 degrees above normal by Saturday/Sunday with highs in the low 60s.   Lows this weekend may not get down to freezing in the Banana Belt of Mammoth. (8K to 9K’)

Longer Range:

As highlighted yesterday the Dweebs are still expecting a dry remainder of the month of April. That also means that the fishing opening has a better than 50-50 chance now of being fair and warm!

We still have May and June to get through. No doubt that there will be more unsettled weather.  Climatology says that the last freeze in Mammoth is usually Fathers day in June!


Bye For Now…………………>>>>>


The Dweeber…………………………….:-)