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More wind and cold headed for the High Country later this afternoon……Strong gusty winds will increase tonight into early Monday morning with light snow developing by late afternoon Monday….This next storm may be the last for April……

Monday snowfall estimates came in about the same as last night.  1 to 3 inches in town, 2 to 4 over the upper elevations. Timing for the snowfall is mostly Tonight into Tuesday night. The models came in a wee bit wetter this morning, but not by much.

This still looks like the end of it through the end of April. There is a storm that will make a run for the coast toward the end of the month. At this time it is indicated to stay north. Whether there is more snowfall in May or Early June is not known.


As we get into Mid April and May…the higher angle of the sun is Summer like. Daytime heating is stronger and more daytime convection is noted.  Additionally, the deserts really heat up fast after a storm leaves. Strong surface heating develops and rises…then spreads out and sinks from the upper levels. (Dibatic heating)

Upper levels highs are strengthened and the migratory upper jets that swing into the west coast spin up more on the east side of the trof, as the gradient becomes focused inland instead of over the far eastern pacific. This in general tends to pull storms east quicker to the north of us, rather than systems digging south like during the winter season. This is one reason why Spring storms are winder and have less moisture then Winter Systems. They are fighting an increasingly loosing battle within the change of season….


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Midnight Update:

Forecast models coming in a lot drier tonight……Will cut back snowfall estimates to 1 to 3 inches for Monday night through Tuesday night period on the Mtn. Will take another look at it after the 12z run Monday AM.


Spring to shift into high gear, later next week……

Another cold windy spring storm is headed Into the high country tonight. Currently, 130 knot upper jet at 300mb is over the Columbia River along the WA/OR broader. This upper jet is forecasted to sag south over central Ca the next 48 hours. Through the process….strong gusty winds will develop later today and increase further tonight as the front RT exit region points SE toward the Sierra tomorrow morning. Currently, there is a cold front located over Central Or that will slide south into Mammoth during the day Monday. Stronger upstream dynamics will drop south Monday into Tuesday night providing the opportunity for light amounts of snowfall. The Dweebs Est. 1 to 3 inches in town and 3 to 6 inches over the upper elevations especially between Monday night and Tuesday night. There will be snow showers that will precede this main time period of snowfall beginning anytime tonight. Much colder air will follow the front Monday with high temps in town returning to the 30s Tuesday. Tuesdays snowfall will be NE upslope in nature.

As highlighted….this looks to be the last of the snowfall possibilities through the end of the month as a pattern change highlighted by the flip in the PNA and AO seem likely over next 6 to 10 days…..

It will be ridge city by next weekend……….We still have May!

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Cold Nasty System Has left 4 to 6 inches upon Mammoth Mt….Upper Low Moving East Today Takes Aim upon the Rockies of Colorado……Fair Weather is expected for the Central Sierra Mid Week….

Yes it was a windy one!  Gusts to 120 mph over the crest yesterday. Todays winds are less…however still quite strong over the sierra crest.   The Owens Valley will still have a wind advisory through this evening. High temps will creep back into the 40s at resort levels…..


Its Spring!……And Spring time has some of the greatest contrasts in air masses throughout the year.   Today and tomorrow will be no exception. As the cold upper trof leaves the inter-mountain west, it will encounter a warm moist air mass over the south and southern Midwest. Tornado Allay will be active once again the next few days while the northern Midwest and Rockies deals with mainly snowfall and cold windy weather. Oklahoma looks particularly in a favorable spot between air-masses.


The Central Sierra will slowly warm up through mid week and the winds will subside. Some unstable air aloft will allow a few summer like showers to develop Wednesday afternoon but no big deal. High temps will move into the low 60s by Thursday and into Friday. The next weather system looks to begin effecting the high country by late Sunday or Monday about a week away….




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Models This Evening Converging on One Nasty Blustry Storm for the High Country…..6 Feet of Wind and 2 to 4 inches of Snow over the Higher Elevations…..

Looks like one more decent day Saturday before a strong NW jet comes into the picture Sunday with High Winds and chilly temps. Snow showers a good bet later in the day Sunday. But the big story with be the wind and cooling Sunday afternoon into the early AM hours Monday.  Mondays highs will be in the 30s…… Winds over the crest over 100mph and these winds will come down in elevation significantly.   Owens Valley south and east will get their share early next week……Hang in there!!!


Update Saturday AM.



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