Thursday AM:

Although not a strong +PNA set up…it is positive phased nevertheless. The blocking pattern off shore will move inland early next week leading to warmer temperatures over the upper elevation’s with pretty much calm winds. High temps this weekend will be 55 to 60 at 8000 feet and by Tuesday or Wednesday could be in the low 60s or warmer while nights in the 20s will rise to the mid 30s by Wednesday. The pattern will deliver arctic air to the Northern Plains states with some areas getting snow.

The only hope for any precipitation is from a little cut off low that may it underneath the block by the end of next week. I guess It all depends upon how much energy there is in the Southern Stream. In that were getting to a time in the Fall that may signal some kind of Fall Pattern, the only pattern the Dweebs see is the +PNA for sometime out. If there is an advance eastward in the Asian jet later in the month there is always the possibly of undercutting of the westerly’s. But that is not in the cards yet!

Temperatures at 700mb look above freezing this weekend well through Thursday between +2C and +5C much of next week……So not much help in the snow making department.

Cliff you will have to wait a while longer to get those snow guns spraying the white stuff!

In that the Government shut down is over, the Dweebs should be able to give a better look out beyond Week 1 and even 2 when it all comes back online next week.




Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………………….:-)