Yes folks…it that time of the year…..In December after an Arctic outbreak you often get strong temperature inversions…..This leads to poor air quality as wood smoke begins to collect on a daily bases.   Temperature inversions also help to create the beautiful Pogonip often found in deep valleys like Long valley and or around Mono Lake.  However….Sometimes this condition will last for weeks in December and January. When it does, it can cause the infamous “Mono Lake Head Bangers Syndrome”. This condition can effect anyone living in Mono City or Lee Vinning. The only cure is to listen to a double Album of AC/DC or Metallica. If that doesn’t work, you must seek higher ground. The Syndrome is diagnosed by an excessive amount of irritability, between husbands and wife’s after days of no sun.

On a serious note…..

Its all about the inversion….Daytime highs will climb each day except Friday as a dry front moves through. No guarantee the front will be strong enough to mix us out.   Nighttime lows for the valleys will be in the single digits, teens and sub zeros…. At elevations at and above 8,000ft Night time lows will be in the teen and 20s then rising to the 30s Wednesday. Daytime highs will be in the upper 30s and 40s and possibly low 50s


Here are the freezing levels at 4:00PM Each Day this week.

Tuesday;         9800ft

Wednesday    9400ft

Thursday;     10,200ft

Friday;          10,200ft

Saturday      12,900ft

Sunday        13,300ft


Storm Track to stay well to the north the next 7 days.  However, both global models show the next system to effect our area will be between the 18th and the 20th. It is another system associated with an amplifying upper high into the Alaska pulling down very frigid air over the far west.  As always, the big question will be (“Will it have an over water trajectory?)  Since the exact track is critical….The jury will be out on this one until next weekend at the earliest.


The Dweeber…………………………:-)