Sunday 5:00PM


4 to 7 in town by 5:00 am Tuesday

Monday night….8 to 12 inches over upper elevations

Tuesday Am through Wednesday Night

3 to 6 in town….6 to 12 inches over upper elevations….


Short Term Tonopah Low may develop briefly early Wednesday AM (12Z) for a bit of a boost on precip for the T-O-M….


Last night Storm got hung up over the Northern Sierra as a wave developed along the front delaying the precipitation by a good 6 hours. A good 6 hours translated to a good foot of snow that we missed as it fell well to the north of us. Finally, energy came in from the west, pushing the more dynamic part of the system through our area, early this morning.  I have to say it; the CRFC did a fabulous job with the QPF as they obviously  understood the storm better than most forecasters and Weather Dweebs, including myself.


Mondays storm….This is going to be another tough one, but much different than last nights.  This system is very cold. >-25C at 500mb…  -10 to -12 at 700mb. The moisture/and temperature for ice crystals developing in the dendritic growth zone 12,000 to 18000 in the SKEW-T Prog for Monday night with much colder temperatures should be ample for much higher Snow to Water Ratios.  Ratios of 15 to 17:1 look pretty promising for Monday Night along the crest and so the Platinum-Snow-Alert for Tuesday Am looks good for you powder hounds……..(15+) inches in the Bowls….Take your fat boys for the first few hours……


The Dweeber……………:-)