The Seasons….they are a changing!…..the Autumnal Equinox arrives next Tuesday the 22nd at 7:29PM. So after Dinner Tuesday night…have a toast to the best Summer ever!  Why?  Because from what I have heard….It was the Summer that saved us from the Winter before!

WX Discussion:

Longer Range Forecasters know that when you get into the transitional seasons like Autumn or Spring, the Global Models and especially week 2 often times get tossed into the Kermode. It appears that the big rebuilding ridge next week is not likely to occur now. Instead, a series of short waves will begin on time into the west coast after mid week.   The Dweebs will update again Tuesday AM next week.  Today’s GFS was pretty aggressive with a rather chilly Short Wave for the following weekend.  However, a closer looks out over the western pacific showed the energy associated with a Southern Latitude low coming off of Asia usually splits the energy coming into the west coast.  So another trof coming into our area later next week….Yes. However much weaker then the models this AM showed.

Overall this weekend will support more seasonal temps with highs near 70 in Mammoth and lows in the mid 40s.  It will be breezy at times. The trof off shore is currently supporting convection over the northern sierra this afternoon. As the upper trofs sags south, some of that may slip south into our area for some showers and or Thunderstorms, tonight or Friday.  Then by Saturday, we become in the NE quad of the cut-off, off the SO Cal coast for some forcing as well, later Saturday into Sunday. Monday looks dry and warmer with a return of the low 70s….for a while. It will be cooler after mid week….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………….:-)