About the Hunter Blood Moon and Eclipse Wednesday AM:

October 8, 2014: Total Eclipse of the Moon. This lunar eclipses will be fully visible from Western North America (and Alaska and Hawaii), but observers in Eastern North America will only be able to see part of the eclipse before the Moon sets below the horizon. The Moon will enter the penumbra at 1:14 am PDT (4:14 am EDT) on October 8th and will leave the penumbra at 6:35 am PDT (9:35 am EDT).

Totality: PDT  3:25am to 4:24AM Wednesday AM


It was another spectacular weekend in the high country with Fall foliage bursting with color! Mammoth had highs in the mid 70s this past weekend while Bishop in the low to mid 90s….Although these are not records, they are pretty darn close!   The upper high breaks down a bit this week and gives way to just slightly above norm temps and more dry weather through next weekend.  The Dweebs have to make at least a brief mention about Tropical storm Simon which was once a strong Hurricane (Cat 3) last Saturday.  Simon Will likely bring more heavy rain to parts of AZ and NM in the coming days.

As the Dweebs have mentioned many times……It is often times what happens over the western pacific that affects our weather here along the west coast.  The phasing of tropical storms over the western pacific with the westerlies is critical, to the down stream pattern in October.  If the next tropical storm constructively phases and the heat in that storm builds that ridge down stream north of Hawaii…we will get quite the unsettled pattern.   The next Typhoon (VongFong) will become extra tropical and phase with the westerlies early next week……  Stay tuned!!!!


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………………:-)