What is different this year….MJO wise.

See:  http://cawcr.gov.au/staff/mwheeler/maproom/RMM/phase.Last40days.html

Last Year: http://cawcr.gov.au/staff/mwheeler/maproom/RMM/phase.1yearago.gif

That’s Right!  We got MJO!!  …..so far!

Latest update shows a nice mid Latitude upper jet off Asia today that extends pretty far east through the eastern pacific. Toward the weekend, it does contract some what and so the Friday system splits and we ridge up a bit next weekend into the following week.

By Thursday the 11th a fairly strong short wave approached the central west coast. At the moment the ECMWF is a bit slower with it while the GFSX has it faster as it brings it on shore Thursday the 11th.


So for the time being…..After this storm is over this Thursday…the next one is about a week away!


In the meantime, heavy snowfall continues here in Mammoth with a lot more on the way!!!!


The Dweeber…………………….:-)