Friday AM Update:

The Dweebs have been traveling the past week, but have been keeping tabs on MammothWeather.  A good foot has fallen at the Main Lodge and some 6 to 8 inches in town.  Many of the loader drivers have long since removed their chains from their machines and so it may have been a while for the streets and drive ways to be cleared….However, the sun will do rest of the job soon!

It is interesting to note that some scientists called for a wet spring because of the California Nino (not to be confused of an actual El Nino) for this season.  I suspect that more will be on the way as the global models continue the trend of an active pattern over California well into the following weekend.  The timing still seems to be Monday or Tuesday of next week and/or about the following Friday for another upper low capable of producing more rain or snowfall in the Mono Sierra.

El Nino:

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, is it really a duck? The Models that forecast El Nino are not all that reliable at this time. So….. More time is still needed seasonally to know with a greater confidence as both the ONI and NOI have not signaled strong enough that a Significant El Nino is going to take place next winter. I will say that the Nino Basin is very warm for this time of the year and I suspect growing even warmer by the day.

The prospects for a strong El Nino are very important to the Eastern Sierra for many reasons. For one, the prospects for a deep snowpack and filling local reservoirs of water is most important. And although even a Super Nino most likely will not undue the damage of 4 years of drought, it will pose a sizable dent.

For the Mammoth’s Real Estate industry, it will do much to restore to both buyer and seller, the confidence that one of our most important assets economically…..Resort Real Estate is a viable asset.



Looks like were back into quite the active pattern again with a series of closed lows dropping down over the state or just off shore. Either way it looks active with snowfall, showers and or thunder, on and off for the next week or more.

Timing of the 1st storm is tomorrow Thursday and into that night where a closed low will ride just to the west of the crest then shift east over the Southern Sierra. The high country may get 6 to 8 inches from that system above 8000 feet and 9 to 12 inches over the crest.  Another low looks to bring precip early next week and yet another the following Friday….


The Dweebs will have a complete update Tuesday or sooner if there is time…


The Dweeber…………………………..:-)