Wednesday PM:

As indicated earlier, thunderstorm action will be suppressed this afternoon. Much of the action will be over the southern sierra due to the configuration of the upper high. Very late this afternoon or early evening odds will increase somewhat.  Better odds Thursday and Friday…


Check out the BMOM forecast; the Sigma is off the chart!    That is not just convection associated with the MJO. It is a combination of that plus all the tropical convection and OLR associated with several tropical storms over the western pacific adding to the MJO to give you this!:

Today weather shows a lot of high clouds…..

Tuesday AM:

A moist SE  flow will continue with another round of afternoon and evening Thunderstorms expected Tuesday. Some localized areas of heavy rain possible. The upper flow backs more from the east Wednesday and so it will be a bit drier with less thunderstorm action. Thursday into Friday will be both warmer with an increasing threat of Thunderstorms. Highs in Mammoth today will be warmer. So expect low 80s…..Expect warmer temps Wednesday into Thursday….Overnight lows again near 50.

The outlook for the holiday weekend is for a chance of afternoon and early evening thunderstorms with highs in the mid 80s. low in the upper 40s.

MJO rapidly intensifying over Western pacific. Westerly wind burst is in process as twin Cyclones work together on each side of the equator…..

Major Westerly Wind Burst in process…SEE:

This will be intensified by the two current Tropical Storms on each side of the Equator. Just like back in March!

SEE: Open this link then drag the globe to the right. Check out the two Cyclones at 160E just above and below the equator. This is adding to the strong westerly winds bursts and will combine with KW to add more fuel to the ENSO fire later….,3.06,373


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