Latest guidance suggests that little will change weather-wise through at least Friday. There may be a little cooling by the end of this weekend. Further cooling is expected Monday and Tuesday. It will be dry through Sunday with stronger zephyr breezes Sunday.

Other thoughts…..

Winter of 97/98:

There was only one significant storm around October 10th. A Winter pattern did not arrive until November with the lifts opening in November.  Why is this significant?  Because the +PDO is similarly strong today as it was then. Remember that a strong +PDO (Warm Water along the entire North America coast line)…Sets up the Strong Ridge Pattern Di-adiabatically.

The El Nino effect will over ride it later in the Fall.

IE;  Oct maybe quite warm and dry “overall” through month’s end.


Forecast models are in good agreement this evening in keeping our area warm and dry through Friday. This is a change that developed about 24 to 36 hours ago delaying the arrival of a Gulf of AK trof until at least early next week. Beyond this weekend, there is model difference’s  on whether to progress the trof into CA (ECMWF) or split it offshore (GFSX). All models are in agreement in developing cooling and breezy conditions by Sunday/Monday.   In the meantime enjoy the last day of Summer Tuesday, as the Equinox arrives while your asleep early Wednesday morning at 1:21 AM.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs