Never Trust a Storm!

However if a storm is going to weaken and then strengthen with the possibilities of more snowfall,  we (The Dweebs)  like it!

Latest model trends show a deeper, colder and slightly further west tracking system with the same idea as yesterday in bringing in a classic system capable of moderate snowfall amounts. There will be a weather front with snowfall ratios of 10 to 1 late tonight into Monday AM followed by a colder more convective portion with heavier accumulations Monday night. Snow to water ratios of between 15:1 at 10,000 feet and up to 18:1 are expected over the crest. With the QPF amounts additionally .6 to .75 in that colder portion;  the PPQ qualifier of a foot appears attainable between 4:00PM Monday and Midnight Monday night. Storm total is possibly 18 inches at and above 10K.


This looks to be a two plow storm for the Snow Pushers…..