Although the possibly of a 600DM upper high over central CA is currently out of the forecast….it will get very warm nevertheless.    Heights are expected to approach 597Dm by the end of the month with 1000-500MB thicknesses approaching 588DM. That is good for between 105 and 108 in Bishop and mid to upper 80s in Mammoth. a lot will depends upon how much 700MB moisture there is in the Column as the upper set up over Nevada by the middle of next week. A little shift east and will be in the juice!

Highs in the upper 70s through Thursday then 80s beginning Friday through next Tuesday.

Currently it is very dry here in the high country lending to quite cool nights. Temperatures are holding above 60 until about 8:00PM to 9:00PM. By the weekend or early next week 60s may prevail until midnight with 50s during the early AM hours….Any added moisture will make for cooler days and warmer nights, unless we have significant rain…in which it will be most definitely cooler….