Weak upper low remains quasi stationary off the Central CA coast the next few days. This is good news for the Mammoth area in that an easterly flow will tend to keep smoke from burning fires to the west of Mammoth.

This mornings forecast model run shows the upper low shifting south early next week with SE flow developing for our area in response to the location and track of this weak system. This will cause a quick import of Monsoonal moisture into the Sierra for a better chance of rain and thunder Monday and Monday evening. Otherwise expect isolated storms with moderate rain directly below storm cores.  Daytime highs will range in the low 80s the next few day with nighttime temps in the upper 40s. It is expected to be a little cooler Sunday into Monday…then a warm up mid week, next week when dry weather returns.

The Solar Minimum returns in the coming years…..there is a quasi linear relationship between Solar Minimums and colder wetter winters for California. (Opinion) This is not a suggestion that Global Warming is ending…..Rather the possibility of a pause.

As another comment, I found it interesting that the Old farmer Almanacs’ winter forecast which is often times wrong got it right last winter for Southern CA. It was right when top scientests forecasted a wet winter for Southern CA due to El Nino. What is note worthy is that The Old Farmers Almanac uses the solar cycle in their long range forecasts. Of note; it will be very interesting to see what their winter 2016/2017 looks like, as the sun dives to solar minimum!!! I bet their forecasts turn wet for all of CA the next few years….

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