Saturday at 1:30 PM

Here are some interesting temps to show warm frontal snowfall. It will give you a profile of temperatures;


Summit of Mammoth Mt  25f
Main Lodge                       30
Village at Mammoth          26
Crestview station               25
Mammoth AP                    25  Moderate Snow
Bishop AP                          31  Light Snow


The Temperature at Mammoth Lakes this morning has been about 20 degrees and so precipitation is warm front like induced, as warm moist air is being lifted by both the sierra and cold air at the surface. Snowfall will continue and be moderate until the winds pick up later today and mixes it out… Snow may accumulate over a foot in town before it changes to rain.

I just has a look at the Pine flat Dam FMCW S-Band Snow Level Radar. It is currently indicating that the snow level due west of us in the sierra foothills is 9300 feet. So we are trapped in the cold air in the Great Basin side of the Sierra and it is isothermal down to at least the Crestview Station.

When will the snow change to rain? Sometime this afternoon. Possibly as late at 4:00PM. However, there is no certainty in a forecast like that.  Once the winds pick up the snow level will jump very quickly!

After the rain event Sunday and Sunday night, the snow level will come back into town sometime early to mid Monday Morning…..

The Town of Mammoth will receive several feet of snow next week…..


I will have a detailed outlook in my weather letter put together tonight for Monday AM….

Just a hint though shows the storm track lifting north Friday into the weekend….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………..:-)