The High Country run off from our record-breaking winter is in full swing this week. Main stem rivers to the north will flood pasture land over areas of Western Nevada.

Upper ridge now building north will begin to weaken this Thursday in response to retrogression of the long wave pattern prior to the holiday weekend. This will pull the Eastern long wave Trof further west and allow cooling of some 8 to 10 degrees over the holiday weekend. But don’t worry about high temps bring too cool. I still expect them to range in the mid to upper 60s for the upcoming holiday weekend…..Or slightly above normal.  As the transition begins, our air mass will become a bit unstable Wednesday and Thursday for some late thunderstorm’s possible of the convective style. These will be diurnal only.

According to the ECMWF 5 day means, a closed upper high once again develops over Alaska very similar to the winter of 2017. (-EPO) This is once again is a blocking pattern and the westerlies will be forced underneath, making for a suppressed storm track. The big thing to remember is that this will be June by then and the effects are just usually cooler weather with more wind and a return to freezing temperatures in the high country at night. This looks to occur during the first week of June.

Normal high temperatures in Mammoth now are low 60s with mid 60s by early June.  Low temps are usually in the mid 30s now.


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