Lots going on hemispherically weather wise, even though we are expecting only upper elevation snow showers Friday morning. The trof will be coming in to antecedent conditions that are fairly warm and so expect a lot of Wind later tonight and into Friday morning. The Dweebs expect between 10 and 15 degree of cooling by Friday. Nighttime lows Saturday AM will be below freezing at resort levels. Winds will Diminish Friday night into Saturday AM. It looks like a beautiful weekend with season temperatures Saturday then a big warm up beginning Sunday into next week. Mammoth Lakes may reach into the high 70s with upper 80s or even a 90 possibly for Bishop Tuesday or Wednesday. Early next week are the last 90s historically climatically.

The Madden Julian Oscillation “MJO” is indirectly responsible for the Ridge developing over the far west, as a super typhoon re-curves to the north, destructively phasing with the westerlies. This results, in quite the amplified ridge over the far west with the potential for a near record-breaking October heat wave in parts of California.

I think that the main point here is that the MJO is “PROGRESSIVE! It is forecasted to migrate eastward over the next one to two weeks. If this occurs as forecasted and it migrates eastward, discontinuous retrogression in the long wave pattern will occur beginning about mid-week next week. The ECMWF has the long wave ridge located well west of the west coast by Wednesday the 25th near 140 west. The California heat wave will be breaking about then. By All Hallows Eve, the Long wave ridge is progged by the EC to retrogrades just west of the Hawaiian Islands with further retrogression expected as strong upper height anomaly builds over the Bering Sea over the following days. Strong upper height falls respond downstream over the Eastern Gulf of AK, and off the BC coast. If this verifies, this pattern change sets the stage for the beginning of a Mammoth winter, sometime during the first week of November.

Stay Tuned……..:-)