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Atmospheric River has Come and Gone…Cold front has pushed through Mono County with improving weather the next few days….

Wednesday 2-22-17  6:25 AM  Temperature 22 degrees.   Forecast…Snow showers today.  12Z GFS coming in a lot drier with Sunday/Monday storm…

Storm Total 3.5 Feet on Mammoth Mt with over 5 inches of water added to the snowpack.  We have likely broken 80 inches over the Pass now…..Record Territory!!! for this early in the season!

All locals living in Mammoth are living through an Historic Winter. One that you most likely will never experience again! Advice….Get out and take as many pictures after the Sunday-Monday storm clears.

We will most likely be at peak, for the amount of snow in town.

There looks to be a long break ahead!………………:-)

I will have all the details in “My Weather Letter” for Tomorrow AM.


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3:20 PM pm Tuesday the 21st…

In that the end of the month of February is near, I decided to take a look at the DWP graph to see if it was updated….It Was!   I am assuming that this is yesterdays data finalized today.

It shows that the Mammoth Pass Snow Course has 78.2 inches of water.

Keep this for your records:

Here are the figures for the Mammoth Pass Snow Course for the Two biggest winters since 1940.

The Winter of 1969 for Mammoth Pass is the bench mark.  Bigger than 1983 for Mammoth Pass only.

FEB 1st Survey

Water Content  (in)      % of Norm


Year 1969            56.6                               209%        March 1st    78.1   213%     April 1st   86.5   199%

Year 1983            46.6                               172%        March 1st    62.7   171%    April  1st   83.7   193%



The Updated graph for the Mammoth Pass shows 78.2 inches today.   So we are currently ahead water wise on the pass greater than the big bench mark winter of 1969 according to the DWP data. We still have the weekend storm to get through and todays precip as well.


Another 5+ inches of water has been dumped up on the Mammoth Crest the past 48 hours. Mammoth Mt reports over 2.5 feet with another foot possible through midnight tonight making this between a 3 and 4 foot storm by the time it is over. I expect much colder weather through Friday with highs in the 20s and windy conditions over the crest and breezy weather over the lower elevations.

The next storm that will affect our area, will be more detailed in my Thursday AM weather letter update. This pattern will combine an ordinary system or 2 from the Gulf of Alaska with a track down the west coast, then inland over California. The models Tuesday are struggling with the notion of picking up a closed southern stream upper low, NE of Hawaii. Obviously that would bring a bonanza of precipitation to the high county of the Central and Southern Sierra beginning Saturday through Monday night. There are really two gulf systems that are being watched at this time.  By Thursday morning in my weather letter update, there will be more confidence in how the mix will come together if it does.

I will also discuss the further outlook.


Hint: The hemispheric pattern goes into major transition!



Another Strong Atmospheric River takes aim upon the Central and Northern Sierra….Models are a bit higher again with freezing level Monday morning….thoughs in the lower elevations may need to take precautions once again….

Another major AR event is getting ready to move into the sierra later tonight with copious amounts of moisture….Monday seems to be the main day with the heaviest precipitation. The Snow level may rise to between 7500 to 8100 feet for a time, Monday AM.

Weather letter update tonight!

More later……

Storms still rolling into California one after another….Those in town concernd about the flood potential from the next AR event can relax a bit now…..But keep the shovels handy!

Mammoth Lakes picked up some 12 to 14 inches of snow today Friday with Mammoth Mt snow plot showing 15 inches at the main lodge at 4:00PM. Another 6 to 10 inches is expected tonight, between the Town and the Mountain by mid morning Saturday.

There will be some kind of a break in the weather Saturday afternoon into Sunday with just some snow showers. Highs will be in the 30s with lows in the 20s.  Another big storm is on the way for Mammoth late Sunday night. My current update shows that it is much less likely to bring rain in town as the models are coming in some 1 to 2 degrees colder with this storm now.  The snow level looks to be just above highway 395 and 203 Monday afternoon. This is certainly good news for those that are concerned about earlier forecasts of flooding in the low-lying areas of town as well as holiday travelers headed home concerned about the weather on highway 395 south.

I will have a brief update via my weather letter Saturday for the Sunday night through Wednesday storm,  Expect a more detailed forecast and outlook Monday AM and even a brief glimpse into the future for the week 2 possibly week 3 via the CFS.


The Dweeber……..:-)