As highlighted above, the aforementioned intermountain Trof will remain in place through Thursday, but will split on Friday as the northern portion progresses east into the northern Mid West and the southern part spins up off the coast of Southern CA.  At the moment, it is expected that Mammoth Will remain north of the favorable NE quad of that low with just some easterly winds into the weekend.  The upper high over Alaska will progress west into the pacific NW later next week and will be part of a REX BLOCK, where by the an upper low trapped underneath the upper high will initiate an easterly flow. At this time, it is thought that any upper divergence from that upper low will remain to our south. However, If we do get anything from it, it would be around the 19th of October and it would not be much precip.

Looking down the road and considering the MJO Phase space, the MJO does circle back into 8/1. So another -EPO is possible before the end of the month. Any speculation beyond that is wishful thinking….   As a note, the  -EPO is associated with the undercutting of the westerlies.

Expect high temps now in the low 50s to climb ot the low 60s by Sunday or Monday and upper trend in Temperatures are expected later next week.

Many Nights now are below freezing and for the foreseeable future… 20s and 30s


At the 850mb level, anomalous westerlies have shifted eastward, with the largest anomalies centered near 110 W. This westerly wind burst continues to increase the availability of warm waters along the equator, increasing the likelihood of a transition to El Nino for the boreal winter.


The MEI will update tomorrow…


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………:-)