By now the rumors are flying about the big AR that is headed for the west coast.  The GFS is the wettest for California. However, the ECMWF is dry at this time, so there is not much to chat about. So there is a change in the pattern for the high country, however, it looks to be mostly clouds and wind for Southern Mono County!


The Dweeber…………:-)



It was a cold one this morning with lows temps in the upper teens. Dew points were near zero and so no frost was in the picture either.  Today’s 500MB weather maps showed cold air advection behind a front and trof that came through the high country last night.  The config of the pattern showed a ridge off shore and low Pressure to the SSE.  For this week, a NNE off shore flow continues through Thursday as an upper low spins up over AZ.  Then the ridge off shore builds inland this weekend into the pacific NW, kicking the upper low over AZ out.  This pattern is a dry one for the high country and it will remain rather chilly, especially at night. As the upper ridge build into the pacific northwest this weekend, high temps should climb some 5 to 7 degrees by the end of the week. I expect low’s in the upper 20s and 30s at night this weekend at the Village at Mammoth, not teens…

The longer range is like this:

The GFS has the westerlies sagging south the end of the month while the ECMWF stays dry.  The Forecast for the ECMWF has winter storms returning to the high country by Mid November on the 00z October 11th run. I expect that product to be updated either today or tomorrow and I will report…The EC in the longer range is usually a better tool than the GFS.


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