With a 6 foot Base on top, Mammoth Mt has the most snow reported in the country!!

Thursday AM:

As the upper low off the coast of Southern Ca kicks inland to day, expect lingering snow showers with little or no accumulations. Highs to day will be near freezing in town with lows in the teens.   It will be fair and warmer over the weekend with highs in the 40s and lows in the teens.

Next splitting weather system early next week with light amounts expected.



There have been some important changes in the forecast progs the last 24 hours and some that have been in the making for the past 3 days..

  1. Upper low and its dynamics “will now move through Southern California Thursday”. The core of the low moves over Malibu Early Thursday AM.   However, the core usually does not have the heavier rains! I hope you folks in the MB foothills dodge a bullet!! However, there are other burn scare areas of concern like the Anaheim hills. You folks may have some very heavy convective showers Thursday.
  2. Split flow blues…   A new feature in the 5 day means will force splitting of WX systems along the west coast. This feature is a negative upper height anomaly over the Southern part of the CONUS.  Looking at both global models, EC and GFS, it takes until mid month for it to move out off into the Atlantic. Until then, weather systems “WX SYSTEMS” (WX is international acronym for weather) will split more often than not as they approach the west coast. The track of the southern branch of the split will determine whether LA gets more rain and if Mammoth will get more snow from the Monday/Tuesday WX system. The timing of the split and location all come into play for the weatherman and the models will do their best to resolve.
  3. Silliness; Just have to bring it back; Split Flow Blues sung to Jan and Deans Mighty GTO.
  4. I got the split flows blues…..yea on on my mind…..
    Systems splittening off the west coast…. wasting all my time….
    If it doesn’t snow soon, I’m gonna loose my mind….. yea yea.
    These storms are splitten up, breaking up….wipen out….split flow
    I’m gonna save all my money……Gonna save my dimes…..
    I’m gonna catch the next plane….where the powder is fine
    Got my DC’s and Super S’s packed…..I’m Dreamin of- the- time….yea yea…
    These storms are splitting up… breaking up…. drying out….. split flow blues.

Short and Medium Term Forecast

New track of upper low will offer the possibility of Snowfall to near or the valley floor of the Owens Valley, Mainly late tonight into Thursday Morning. Some areas may get up to 7 inches over a 12 to 15 hour period.

For Mammoth, our best shot of precip will be tonight into Thursday AM in the southerly flow after the closed low opens into a trough. I expect another 2 inches of snow to as much as 5 inches over the higher terrain. This will all be followed by a fair weekend with milder temps by Saturday and Sunday. (mid 40s) during the day.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………….:-)