Saturday AM:

The headliner says it all…Storm systems will run into Higher Heights as they approach the west coast next week, causing them to weaken, dampen out and even split once inland. This is likely to continue for a full week. There are a few quasi NW or inside sliders that will traverse through as well next week. Any of these systems can produce cooling and wind over the upper elevations…..And of course some snow showers.  However, very light if any accumulations are expected.

The Eastern Pacific will become more conducive in allowing stronger weather systems back into the central west coast beginning as early as next weekend. However, a more likely period will be very early that following week. The storms look to be accompanied by some fairly strong winds!

More Later next week……

Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………:-)


This will be a short update….  However I will elaborate further, later this afternoon after the next two sets of WX ensembles are out.  The main idea is headlined above with an EP split flow pattern with WX systems dampening or splitting as they progress through the central west coast.  (Very Common Pattern)  We will have a beautiful sunny weekend on tap with a bit cooler than normal temps…. highs in the low 40s;  Lows in the teens.  The snow will be dry and crispy and great for the ego!!  🙂  Next Storm Cycle About the 17th….