Abundant moisture is one again headed for the Eastern Sierra as a storm from the Gulf of Alaska reaches back and phases with a Kona Low north of Hawaii.  This pattern has been in the cards for well over a week now, and in some cases, there are still many unanswered questions,.

  1. Where will the Bullseye be for the most precip over the Sierra?
  2. How fast will the snow turn to rain and vice versa. The pattern is highlighted by the infamous Atmospheric River, foretold by the MJO over a week ago.  For those that are interested in what the Atmospheric river is and does, SEE:  https://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/arportal/about/


This Atmospheric River is especially important to Mammoth, as there is such a deep snowpack now. Any extra weighting on local roofs is especially concerning. The snow forecasted for Tuesday night will be highlighted by warm air advection precipitation. Warm moist air over-riding a cold air mass in place. The lift comes from the sierra and the dome of the pre-existing cold air. This generally is accompanied by steady light to possibly moderate precipitation here at 8000 feet. As the day goes on Wednesday, precipitation rates are likely to increase. If heavy snowfall continues in the high country Wednesday, it is possible that the snowfall may not turn to rain, in which case more snowfall could accumulate here in town then expected. I’ll have another update in the Morning….


The storm is capable to bring between 2 and 5 feet of new snowfall


Long Range:

The Weekend looks unsettled with snow showers and colder than normal temps..


Next week will be much colder than normal with an inside slider pattern developing. IE. Snow showers with highs in the 20s and lows in the single digits and teens….