Our stormy pattern associated with this winters robust eastern pacific trof is weakening. This particular trof seems to be coming in, in parts now. As a result, different parts of California will have different experiences with this pattern. We may have some light snowfall into tonight. However, light snow showers seem to be the way to go Friday and saturday with a chance of a bit better forcing Sunday. The models handle the pattern differently. However the wettest model brings about a foot over the crest Sunday into sunday night and is being discounted at this time. Where other models give us less than half of that.  The resounding message here is that unsettled weather is here to stay for the next 5 days, but the Dweebs do not see a major storm.  It will turn colder toward mid-week next week as a cold California Slider drops south with more snow showers Tuesday.   Highs will be in the 30s, with lows in the teens….

As a comment, the end of this latest storm cycle was a bit of a disappointment for snowfall. Amounts over the past 7 days, totalled about 5 feet over the crest, not 7….


The Dweeber…….:-)