Enjoy the last few days of early fall like weather as more “winter like” weather is on the way by Mid Week.  A wave from the westerlies pinches off from the Gulf of AK and spins up off the Central Ca Coast and stalls out over Southern CA. This brings the good possibility of upslope snowfall for the Central Sierra. How much? its too soon to tell.  Some models are wet, some are fairly dry.  But the trend seems to be wetter…..That’s good.  The other complication is moisture moving northward from TS Raymond. That will be another interesting part to watch. It may or may not come into play but we’ll know by the end of the weekend.  If it does, than some parts of the eastern slopes of the sierra may get a lot of snow above 7000 feet. Think Snow and lots of it!!  Highs Sunday and Monday in the low 60s…with highs by Wednesday in the 30s….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………:-)