It is almost like mother nature flipped a switch that took us from the cold season to the warm…

There was some anomalous weather Sunday as the front right portion of the upper jet over Northern CA brought strong down sloping, compressional type heating to the Owens Valley. As a result, Bishop was some 30 degree warmer than Mammoth. Bishop had a high of 83 Sunday while Mammoth was 53. Monday morning began rather cool in Mammoth with a low of 28.

Today Monday, is an uneventful day as far as any dynamical and sensible effects upon the atmosphere.


The Upper Jet is lifting slowly to the north without any down-sloping or any Adiabatic (compressional type heating) expected for the Owens Valley. As a result, even though 500MB heights will be higher today, the warming will occur in the high country, whereas the Owens Valley may be a degree or two cooler today.   However, by Tuesday, a sensible jump in temps will occur for all of the Eastern Sierra. Expect mid to upper 80 in Bishop, and upper 60s in Mammoth Lakes, Tuesday.

By Midweek, A short wave will move to the north and bring an increase of breeze and pause our warm up for a day. In back of the wave, ridging will build in strongly and will eventually build up into Canada, North/South over the far west.  This cuts off flow from the pacific over the weekend, As a result, high temperature records will be in jeopardy again…  Highs in Bishop will reach mid to upper 90s at the Airport while Mammoth enjoys a comfortable 75 Saturday….. low 80s in Bridgeport.  Short wave action returns Monday for breezy and somewhat cooler weather….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………………:-)