The highlights of the last post was subtropical moisture that brought some thunder and brief heavy rain showers Monday afternoon.  Our highs have been in the low to mid 80s and have recently pulled back into the mid 70s. Yesterday Monday, we had southerly flow and that brought up smoke from the Sequoia Fire. Today’s SW flow effectively cut off that smoke train. However, particulates returned from the fires burning along the coast with smoke accumulating over the San Joaquin valley.   It is difficult to forecast future smoke outlooks as so much depends upon how effective fire suppression is. Today was a much better day for the fire fighters on the coast as onshore flow and a deeper marine layer helped much for the coastal range fires.   However, checking the air quality sites this afternoon, they were pretty awful over San Jose, north to the Bay Area, then ENE to Tahoe and Reno. So Air Quality has improved in Mono County and is worse to the north today.

Little change in the forecast is expected the next few days, with the bias of the denser smoke to our north.   The weekend outlook is fairly persistent.   Highs in the 70s with lows in the 40s.



The only change in the pattern that occurs is right around September 1st, when the eastern pacific high builds north into the Gulf of AK. This may pull down some cooler air from Canada. Will have to follow this as it represents a significant shift in wind direction. Hope it does not shift the smoke into Mammoth. Maybe the fires will be under control?

Of note, the westerlies really rev up across Canada next week. Significant snows fall in the Canadian Rockies, beginning this Sunday and continue next week… During the first week of September a chilly low pressure system sets up over Central Canada. Some of this cold air invades Montana and the Dakota’s by mid week next week and some Snows are possible for the Grand Tetons next week as well. Some models even pinch off some of that cold air into the Great Basin, but Climo-Support for that is not all that great, that time of the year.

The Dweebs still expect some good warm weather spells to occur in September.  The 2nd week of September shows promise for that…..of course the nights will become chilly….  Meteorological Fall Begins September 1st, next Tuesday.  Hope ya-all had a good Summer.  After all, it could have been worse.  We could have had long periods of dense smoke like a couple of summers ago.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………..:-)