Sunday 3:40PM September 6th.

For documentation, excerpt from LOX discussion:


EPIC Heat Event:

The ingredients for this unprecedented heat wave were perfect today, with morning soundings showing a warm layer of 96 to 102 deg from about 1600-3200 feet, LAX-DAG gradient were significantly offshore to the N and E and continued offshore into the afternoon (at 21Z LAX-DAG was -1.5 mb and LAX-BFL was -2.7 mb), and 1000-500 mb thicknesses of 590-592 dm, which are probably some of the highest ever for the region. Overall, hi temps today will wind up in the 110-122 degree range for the valleys and lower mtns, and generally in the 100-116 deg range for the inland coastal areas. These highs are 15-30 deg or more above normal.


Of mention….the Valleys of San Gabriel and San Fernando highs today were warmer than the lower deserts of Coachella Valley….EPIC!


I have been hearing about the extreme high temperatures reported by the media here in Mammoth Lakes. They are incorrect. I would like to give some information so that one can determine actual highs and lows to better prepare for the days ahead during anytime of the year.

The Mammoth Airport is the source of the high and low temperatures in the Mammoth Area for periodicals like new papers, TV and other sources. The AP elevation is about 7000 feet which is lower than Mammoth. . Mammoth is about 8000 feet. At the normal rate of cooling per thousand feet, (Lapes Rate), would suggest that Mammoth is significantly cooler during free air conditions, (Summer days).  In winter, the differences are even greater, as strong temperature inversions  especially in the winter,  can result in temps 15 to 30 degrees difference where by the AP is cooler. ,  The Mammoth AP is an unreliable source for the temperatures for the Town of Mammoth anytime of the year.

So what can one do?  First of all, the National Weather Service does put out a temperature forecast for the Town of Mammoth. (bookmark this link)

Scroll to the bottom and you will find Mammoth Lakes forecast temps from the NWS.   They are very accurate, not perfect but very good.  Unfortunately, unless you know where to look, you will not find the actual high and low temps readily available for Mammoth.  (Very Sad)

I use a RAWs site that is very near the Forest Service office in town. Why? Because that area used to be the official Mammoth Lakes reporting site. It was used for climatic data for years. The daily reporting was accomplished by diligent members of Forest Service. They no longer report on a reliable bases.

In a moment I am going to give you all, the site to get actual high and low temperatures for the Town of Mammoth Lakes. I believe that this data is within 1 degree of true.

Today, the 4th of September, the high temperature at the Mammoth Lakes Airport was 91 degrees. That is what was reported for the Mammoth Area. NOT TRUE!!

The actual high in Mammoth was 85.3  As you can see, that is a huge difference at this altitude.   Do not use the Mammoth AP for Mammoth Lakes temperatures.

Here is a better source for the Town of Mammoth Temperature’s.

Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………….