7:30pm:    Air quality is off the chart;  at 7:30pm air now reported the PM10 count was 1818;  the PM 2.5 was 826. These readings are probably historic for this area.  Stay indoors, do not go outside as air quality is very hazardous this evening..

Update regarding fires distance to Mammoth Lakes.   Fire Chief Frank Frievalt of the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department, indicated in a web briefing this evening that the Creek Fire was actually 19 miles from Mammoth. This is a correction to an earlier comment below.
Rumors of a near by fire got folks in Mammoth very concerned late yesterday and this morning, chatting about plans to evacuate etc.  Web Cams atop Mammoth Mt yesterday picked up on drift smoke from the Creek Fire created quite the stir.   The fact of the matter is, there is no fire in Back of Mammoth Mt, just drift smoke from the SSW. No need for concern.  A Forest Service related plane investigated that site and found no fire.  Please stop the rumors!!

From: Schweizer, Debra A -FS
Date: Wed, Sep 9, 2020, 5:22 PM
Subject: Notice: Smoke Report at Reds Meadow is drift smoke from Creek Fire


Good afternoon:

The Inyo National Forest received a report of smoke in the Reds Meadow area this afternoon.

Inyo National Forest fire engines and Town of Mammoth Lakes Fire Department responded.

Two engines have/ are  patrolling the Reds Meadow Valley and have been unable to detect a new start. Additionally, helicopters flew the area searching for a new plume and air attack has also traced the smoke to drift smoke from the Creek Fire. This is due to the shift in prevailing winds and transport patterns that are bringing smoke up the San Joaquin drainage and into the Eastern Sierra.  We should anticipate that smoke will be moving into the Eastern Sierra under a more typical transport pattern.

Nonetheless, because of the seriousness of the fire situation in California, firefighters will be patrolling this area into the evening.

Comment:  I believe that the fires of past years to our west and south, that crested smoke that we all complained about, have done much to create fire breaks from future fires.  I would imagine that we have now have some good protection in many areas to our west.

Nevertheless…..it is a good idea to be prepared for any emergency, earthquake, fire or??.  The fire is some 15 miles away, there is always some chance that it could become a problem for the residents of Mammoth Lakes if the weather conditions becomes severe enough. That would take stronger dry winds from the Southwest which are not forecasted anytime soon through this weekend. There is the chance that they may develop the middle of next week. Well see…..



We have had a pattern change that is favorable for smoke transport through the eastern sierra over the days to come.   Higher heights will also allow for some warming as well with 70s expected this weekend and temps will depend upon the amount of smoke in the area.  Lows at night will moderate from the 30s of recent mornings to the 40 this weekend.




A trough of low pressure will increase southwest flow later this weekend into early next week. With further deepening of this trough toward mid week next week.  That may be of concern….Again…well see….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……:-)