2-2 -2021

Ground hog no help this morning……

QPF on the decline with 1 to 3 inches forecasted…we’ll be lucky to get an inch in town…
Hi temps in town expected in the 30s next few days with weekend temps in the upper 40s.  Lows in the teens and twenties. The weather will be cooler early next week then milder as the week goes on.  It is a dry outlook….


The Dweeber………………?

How things change in the world of weather! Last couple of days, the global models have been singing a different tune for the next upstream system. It appears that for whatever reason, the large scale trough in the east is going to slow down and almost stall as it lifts NNE up the East Coast.  This action causes the incoming trough in the west to split, with most of the energy going well north of us, while the southern part of the split spins up into a cut off low, off the coast of Southern CA.  So what does this mean for snowfall for Mammoth?   It means that only light amounts can be expected….Like 1 to 6 inches if were lucky.  In fact I have seen patterns like this split so bad, that we get nothing!    There is nothing behind this storm either, so be thankful for the the two day wonder we just had


More later!


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………:-)