June 16

Hot day in the Owens Valley with a high temp so far of 108 at 2:50PM at the Bishop AP.   That shatters the old record of 104 set back in 1958. Another high temperature record is expected tomorrow Thursday with the old record of 104 in Jeopardy.

Higth Temps will liley remain at 100 or above through next Tuesday.  Here in Mammoth the high was 82 today near the visitor center in town.  Expecting highs about the same tomorrow Thursday.  Lows at night in the 50s at 8K.  4 Days left of Spring!

Summer Solstice arrives Father’s Day at 8:31PM for California.

I Wonder what Summer has in store for us?  It will cool down a bit by mid-week next week with highs about 10 degrees cooler. So next Wednesday through the following weekend looks fairly seasonal.  Low to mid 70s, and Breezy too…

The Dweebs are keeping an eye on tropical storm development off the coast of Mexico Week 2.  According to the CPC, a Kelvin Wave, an Air-Sea Coupled area of convection over the Western Pacific is slowly pushing east. A large area of upper divergence is expected to develop over the tropical eastrern pacific off the coast of Mexico late next week. It is expected that a tropical depression will develop off the coast of Mexico the last weekend of June and spin up as it approaches Baja during that last days of June. This may add to an increase in southerly flow coming out of old Mexico toward the end of the month, helping to initiate the SW Monsoon Season to AZ and the desert SW. Hope it rains a lot for those folks!!


The Dweeber………………..:-)




June 14th: (Monday AM Update:)

Strong continential high develops over Four Corner states, then retrogrades west into CA Mid Week…..

Not much change in this weeks forecast other than to increase chances for heat related thunderstorms Thursday and Friday. There is a 20% to 30% chance of late afternoon T-storms over the higher elevations Thursday, then forming earlier in the day Friday, possibly lasting into the early evening hours. The heat wave should peak in the high country Thursday with upper 80s possible before afternoon convection and cloudiness develops earlier Friday for a few degrees of cooling off Thursdays highs.

The Important update this morning is that good ensemble concensus shows high pressure building into the Gulf of AK beginning Sunday. Through the process, cooler air is likley to spread south from Western Canada, over the Far West during the 2nd half of next week. This developing Trof should return highs to more seasonal levels during the second half of next week.  The more seasonal weather will likely come to an end during the first week of July as the same upper high, retrogrades west to the Bering Sea, (-WPO)  allowing 500MB heights to increase again over the Far West.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………:-)



“The hottest weather out west is commonly expected in the Month of July”. Heat waves in the deserts of Southern California and Southern NV are not unusual In Summer, especially before the Summer Monsoon sets in. For the month of June, this time it is different. A major potentially killer heat wave is setting up for cities like Las Vegas.  What is different about this heat wave is not just the expectation of broken high temperatures, but more importantly, the protracted length of the heat that will begin to take over the deserts in the coming days. Many heat waves last just a few days with temperatures pulling back to more normal levels thereafter. This heat wave is a different animal, as it is likey to last a week or possibly longer.  Overnight high low temperatures are possible as well. The Homeless in the Vegas area are especailly in jeopardy, as well as those without a good air cooling system. Power black outs are not out of the question. Record high low temps may hold temps in the high 90s or even 100s after midnight. This may be one the worst heat waves in June in many years for some desert areas.

  • In the Owens Valley all time highs for June may be challenged later this week.  No Child or Pet should be left in any car, unattended for even a few minutes this week.

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Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………..