Death Valley had a high of 130 on Friday.

Bishop today had a high of 111 today, breaking the all time temperature record of 110  on the 10th of July 2002. These two temps within 19 years of each other are the highest temps in 125 years….



It’s not often that you see a high temperature forecast for Death Valley of 130-degree Fahrenheit. However, that is the high temperature forecast for that region today….88 for Mammoth Today and 91 Sunday. The forecasts for this Summer were warmer than normal, indeed.  As the Great Basin and Eastern California gets through possibly the hottest heat seage of the Summer, the Dweebs are now focusing on the week after.  Where are we going forward. I do expect temperatures to pull back into the low 80s by next Thursday and Friday. That is a bit warmer than normal but very comfortable. The big issue with the heat here in Mammoth this weekend is at the Mono Zephyr has been squashed due to the Thermel trough both day and night to the west of us. This is due to the strength and position of the upper high. The upper high builds into CA this weekend and is also capping most convection untill Sunday afternoon when it will get so hot that convection may actually punch through a cap that has a freezing level at about 17,000 feet!

When you cannot get cross ventilation in your home or condo and temperatures are near 90 degrees, that’s uncomfortable. However, next week the Mono Zephyr comes to our Rescue! I think that even those that hate the west wind in Mammoth will enjoy the breezy afternoons next week.

The pattern next week is highlighted by a weakening subtropical high over our state and a trof in the Pacific NW along the coast. This supports west afternoon and evening winds that will trend stronger, as the week goes on.  However, another heat spell is lurking in the west’s future for the following week. The details have yet to be worked out. The ensembles are trending the Subtropical Continental High to the east of us this time. Looking at the GFS ensembles 7 day means, the position is forcasted to set up over SE Utah, which is better for the advection of monsoonal moisture into California.  The big question will be if there is going to be any lifting mechanisms with it like easterly waves.  Given the time of year which is becoming or at the least toward the end of July, I think so…..

Have more on this next week…..


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………….:-)