Excessive Heat Warning begins Wednesday through Monday for the Owens Valley with highs 105 to 110 expected. It is very possible that this crazy heat wave may last well into next week……

This Weekend, Mammoth Lakes has one of those rare oppertunities to break 90 degrees. Other 90+ degree oppertunities will continue into early next week. This only occurs during the very hottest summers without Monsoonal flow.


7/6/21 11:00AM

New 12z GFS keeps high country very warm through next week. 80 to 90 at resort levels.

Opinion:  Subtropical high with persistant East-West ridge, 30 to 40+ north extends off shore.  This heat wave has legs as drought feedback system with lack of snowcover in high elevations,  warm trees, very dry conditions maybe in play.  String of 100+ days in Bishop may break all time records for staying 100+ at the Bishop AP the next two weeks.


At least for Northern and Central CA, another potentially record-breaking heat wave is on tap with little hope for any Monsoon moisture before mid-month. Only heat related isolated thunderstorms expected over the highest elevations at time. The config of the upper high over the desert southwest will retrograde back over Central CA providing not only very high 500mb heights but “strong capping” (warm air aloft), inhibiting “most” thunderstorms from development. Additionally, the upper high will shunt moisture from the SSE away from our area. Looking at the precipitable water loop, there is a surge of moisture from the SSE that will affect Southern CA toward the end of the week. It is progged to stay out of our area. However, even in Southern CA this week, there will be no lifting mechanism or significant instability for rain. The air mass is for the most part stable. With that said, Precipitable Water does rise to between 1.00 and 1.50, so some areas will feel humid inland from the coast. Longest range models continue retrogression of the upper high, with only some, model runs hinting of an easterly wave injecting moisture up into Eastern CA just after mid-month. So what we have here is another protracted heat wave for the deserts of Mono and Inyo Counties with little if any relief from thunderstorms expected in the foreseeable future. This heat wave comes during the climatically warmest week of the year, with the all-time record high in the bishop area (110F) the 10th of July. The predicted high for this Saturday and Sunday is 109F. However, highs of 107 to 109 at the Bishop AP are forecasted beginning this Wednesday through next Monday. The only consolation is that this is a dry pattern with relatively low dew points for this time of the year, so Swamp Coolers will do their Job…
At Mammoth Lakes, expect mid 80s to 90 degrees beginning today Tuesday through next Monday. The Mono Zypher will bring relief each afternoon with its west wind into the evening hours. However, It will be uncomfortable this weekend temperature wise, the Zypher will weaken and nights may only dip into the low 60s at 8000 feet. This is expected to be the hottest week of the year!! Some isolated TSRWs may occur with little relief expected.

La Nina may make a return in the Fall….More later on that….

Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………:-)