Monday night:

GFS seems to have resolved it’s closing offer or cutting off scenario, as the massive storm for early next week is loaded with cold Alaskan Arctic air.  It’s currently depicted slowly moving into California Sunday with its baroclinic zone somewhat stalled over Central CA, Sunday night through Monday night or Tuesday.   Although lots can change in 5 to 7 days, it looks like a monster.

stay tuned……..



All global models in agreement that week 2 will be stormy. Big question is,  when will it get going that week.  Could be as early as Monday or as late as Thursday.  The problem with the week 2 period is, the GFS model cuts off the first big system, off the coast early that week due to strong down stream ridge over the Midwest.. We may get some light snowfall or nothing until the upstream kicker gives it the boot. Then some cold heave snowfall. The ECMWF is more progressive (quicker) so it will be fun to watch how all this gets resolved. Main point is, And as stated earlier, snowpack should be good by Christmas, if long range model trends continue. It’s too soon to guess on how much snow will fall week 2. But amounts that are tallied in feet are certainly possible. The pattern wants to continue through the solstice and beyond….this La Niña looks pretty cold from the way it’s shaping up for December.


In the meantime, there will be a couple of small storms this week.   One Monday night/Tuesday AM that may drop 1 to 3 inches of snow and another colder storm Thursday that will drop about a foot on Mammoth Mtn. The following weekend looks dry. Then the fun begins for the Weatherman. Several Dumps on the Way next week…..Looks like its going to be a white Christmas with deep snow!



The Dweeber…….🥸