4:30pm Wednesday 22;

Some changes to atmospheric river now going from weak to moderate. Additionally, trof coming in later Thursday has lower portion splitting off into small closed low. This puts 6 day bulls eye over Sierra, west of Bishop. Where over 9 inches of water is forecasted over Huntington Lake. More importantly….there is the possibility of an Epic cold wave the end of the year.  Plummer’s and condo managers will need to prepare.


Persistent anomalous ridge parked between the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska will help to keep a TROF anchored near the West Coast through much of the week and into next week. This setup will facilitate rounds of cold, continental air diving southward into the West, while also allowing broad swaths of subtropical moisture to slide under the ridge into the West Coast.  MJO in Phase 7 has this North American Pattern anchored with Cold Stormy weather is the west and warmer than normal weather in the east.   This pattern is quite anomalous for the length of its existence…..Stay Tuned…It Snow Megeddon!!  The travel difficulties begin!

PS the amount of snowfall from the first two storms is depended upon how the northern stream phases with the upper low west of California. If they phase more completely, the current forecast’s  would be quite underdone….

Were currently expecting to between 3 and 7 feet above 7000 feet through Sunday. 7 to 8 feet over the crest. for the same time period.   Next week the long wave just keep reloading so lots more snow to come though the end of the year!!  More detail on those storms later…..


Happy Holidays from the Dweebs!!!  ……………..:-)