After a raging wind storm Sunday morning, this morning was quite tranquel with sunny skys and calm winds. It will be a warmer day today Monday with clear skys and light to moderate breezes developing. The high temperature will be 54 in town today with lows tonight near 30 with wind.

A fast moving front will move through Tuesday morning bringing a dusting to an inch over the crest Tuesday. The upper jet is over Northern CA, so don’t expect much precip. It will about 5 degrees cooler Tuesday wIth highs in the upper 40s and lows in the momng in the lows 20s. Warmer weather returns Thursday into Friday with highs back into the low 50s.

This Weekend outlook offers the possibity of the first decient storm in weeks if not months.  The only concern I have is that it may split a bit as it comes in.  If it holds together well, it could dump a foot or more over the crest by the end of the weekend with the brunt of the storm either late Saturday night or early Sunday AM.

In the very long range, (Week 2) the GFS has a storm about the 27th/28th…At this time the Europian keeps the upper jet to the north on the 28th.


The Dweebs will update later this week….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………:-)