Its a cooler day today as a rather large but benign upper trof pushes through the region.  High temps are running some 5 to 7 degrees cooler today than Wednesday with highs in the upper 40s.  A few gusts to 55mph around noon today were noteworthy.  This fast moving trof will pass off into the Rockies tonight with a fair weather ridge upon us Friday. Expect a jump of 8 to 10 degrees of warmth tomorrow.  Another weak system will bring a little north breeze Friday, then light west breezes 5 to 15mph are expected Saturday for the Fishing Opener, and Sunday morning with afternoon west gusts to 25 mph possible both days.  Expect high temps this weekend in the upper 50s in Mammoth with mid 60s in the Crowley Lake area.  Lows this weekend will be in the upper 20s at lake level at dawn.

Next week shows another trof affecting our area with breezy weather returning. However, strong gusts like today are not expected for early next week.  Expect a nice warm Cinco De Mayo…Then get ready for the possibility of another wind machine Thursday  May 6th with wave clouds and breezy into Friday the 7th.  Hoping for a nice following Sunday for Mom!  🙂



The Dweeber………………..:-)