Latest ECMWF 12z run today Fathers Day has the cold upper trof that has been bringing below normal temps to Mono County and freeze conditions at night, moving out today. Another chilly day today is in process and another freeze tonight likely, at least for a few areas. Rapid warming is expected to begin Monday into Tuesday.

Again this is Winters last gasp!!  The Strong Troughs of Springs are done for CA!!


Welcome to Summer this Tuesday!  Longest day of the year!

First discussion for Summer;

Tropical storm Blas is weakening rapidly SSW off Cabo. Meanwhile a weak Trof will split off from the westerlies and form a weak upper level low late Tuesday off the Central CA coast near Paso Robles. Moisture from the remnant’s of Bals, spins up a subtropical jet with Mammoth, under the Front left Quad Wednesday with an active day of Thunder and lighting storms over the Sierra, both Wednesday and Thursday.. Please, all prey for no fires in the Sierra!!!!!!!!!!!  If your going into the back country, be very aware of this possibility, especially over the weekend after the storms are gone and the weather really warms up and the forest dry’s out!

Main Message from this update is that Summer arrives Tuesday and that Summer weather along with it well into July and August!


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………..:-)