For Mono County, it will be one cold night tonight. (CPK) Continental Polar that has been modified a bit has moved into Mono County last night. This will result in high temps in the mid teens today and lows near zero tonight.

The weather system that brought 4 inches of Platinum Powder yesterday was off the coast of Southern California this morning. Short Wave ridging in its rear will settle the cold into the high elevation valleys of Mono County tonight for Classic “Three Dog Night” conditions!  Expect lows tonight between -20F and -27F in the coldest valleys such as Long Valley and Bridgeport Valley.

Our Old Friend “The Hudson Bay Low” will greatly limit precipitation for the Friday storm as its position over Hudson Bay (PV) keeps strong ridging over the far west.  That will weaken the Friday system and so don’t expect much more than a dusting or and inch or two at the most after midnight Thursday night into Friday AM.   By Friday, the Hudson Bay (PV) shifts rapidly east so that by Saturday AM, it is off the coast and out over the Atlantic. This opens the storm door for the Sunday Morning system. That storm looks to be with us into Monday morning. At the moment, it appears to be a storm of moderate strength, capable of about 12 to 18 inches over the crest with roughly 1/2 of that in town by Monday the 6th. The weather may turn colder after that storm with the next system more of a slider. As a note, later that week the Eastern Pacific Ridge is flat, north of Hawaii. So we are not out of the woods yet for other storms in the future. Just need some amplification to get it all going again!


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