Spring arrives at 2:24PM today the 20th!

Last nights snowfall forecast was a bust with only 2 to 4 inches. Anyone complaining? Today Monday looks beautiful but very breezy over the higher elevations. Highs today will be in the 30s..

The forecast for more snowfall is still in for this Tuesday and Wednesday with another 15 to 20 inches possible at the Village. 2 to 3 feet possible in the upper elevations by Wednesday Night. A winter storm warning is hoisted for our area for Tuesday and Tuesday night. The storm comes on shore between Monterey Bay and San Jose. What this means for Mammoth is that the best Upper Jet Forcing is to the south of us. Snowfall will very greatly some 50 to 80 miles south of us.
As an example, Huntington Lake has a QPF of 3.00 for the Tuesday through Wednesday period while Yosemite has about 1.50 inches. So about half within 60 miles.

Beyond mid week, expect on and off snow showers with chilly weather and breezy to windy conditions. High temps in Mammoth will cool to the 20s later this weekend. The upper jet becomes more NW orientated with central west coast storms holding off until the 28th.

Latest GFS 12Z Run has a very similar storm on the 27th to tomorrows storm. It is another cold closed low that comes in near Monterey Bay with at least two Strong Vort Centers. One Tuesday the 28 and 29th.  Just as an early  estimate,  this system has the potential of bringing between 1 and 3 feet to Mammoth and the upper mountain. That system is following by another cold NW slider like this Fridays system with snow showers.

Way down the road about the end of the first week of April; 5th or 6th, another showery system is possible.  At this time, the Dweebs do not see a major storm during the first calendar week of April.  Yeah!!!


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………….:-)