The weather charts this morning had no problem pumping 500mb heights over Mammoth to 594DM by 1600UTC. This is just the beginning as heights will Climb to the high 590s and 500-1000mb thicknesses into the mid to upper 580s by early next week. Any high temperatures records in Mammoth will be dependent upon how rapid air-mass modification occurs over the next 5 days. At the moment the peak in the heat is expected Sunday and Monday in general. However, for the high country, many times it is earlier as air mass modification results in high based thunderstorms that will tend to begin in the late afternoon…then occur earlier each day until Thunderstorms begin as early as late morning. During that scenario, daytime highs would be reached in the morning prior to the usual 1:00 to 2:00pm time frame at resort level’s. This results in a stunted daytime high.

So yes….a 90 degree high is certainly possible in Mammoth this weekend. However, temps may be more in the mid to upper 80s then cooling to the 70s as the week goes on next week if the TSRWS get cranking earlier.  By Wednesday, the upper high gets stretched north so much that is literally pulls apart and a weakness develops off the Central coast. This would increase divergence over the Sierra for a good old- fashion thunderstorm pattern Wednesday and Thursday, especially if any southeast flow develops. This may compete a little with the Man made fireworks for the holiday.

Stay Cool, stay hydrated, and remember not to leave anything with a hart in a car the next 7 days. Hyperthermia is a killer!


The Dweeber……………………………….:-)