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Strong Upper Height Blocking over the Pacific NW and Western Canada will force undercutting of the westerlies the next few weeks…..Bringing good Central and Southern Sierra Snows and colder than normal temps to the high country….

The Dweebs this morning like the way the pattern is shaping up the next few weeks with good potential of beneficial rains and snow in the high country for the southern 2/3rds of the state.  Medium Range forecasts and long-range outlooks show a strong for Mid April, belt of Westerlies carrying a series of closed lows through Southern and Central CA. Although in the short-term the snow level will be high…deeper systems will bring colder storms next week.  The global model spreads of the 10 day QPF’s are pretty large at the moment. The European showing about 3 inches of water for the San Joaquin drainage while the GFS has a whopping 6.5 inches.  Odds are it will end up somewhere in the middle by mid-month with storminess possibility persisting through the end of the 3rd week of April……Leading to an “Awesome April”….


More Later….


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………………..:-)

Beautiful Spring weekend shaping up with mild temps and light winds……The Last Gasp of EL Nino is on its way!………………….

Monday Afternoon:

No changes to the Dweebs Outlook with high latitude blocking increasing in the PNA region with time. The northern part of the trof that split last night is headed east into the Rockies today, while the bottom part of the split will spin up off the coast of Baja, MX this week. To the north of us, a strong upper height anomaly will develop near Vancouver Island. This upper height anomaly in the mean will remain in the PNA region for the next two weeks. This feature will work in tandem with the development of southern stream energy. Thus an extended period of unsettled weather is expected for mainly the southern 2/3rds of California.

We are coming into the time climatically, for Springtime Thunderstorms. Springtime thunderstorm patterns are highlighted by the development of slow-moving closed or cut off lows.  At this time of the year, Strong daytime heating can combine with cold air aloft, making for a very unstable air-mass. (increased lapse rates) So more attention is given to areas of deformation, (Surface Convergence); upper divergence, (Cyclonically Driven Diverging Airflow between 18,000 and 30,000 feet)  usually found in the NE quad of the upper low, Convective Available Potential Energy, (CAPE); and Lifted Indices. (LI)

Later this week, the upper low off the coast of Baja will be ejected by an upstream kicker, that will spread moisture and precip north via the Southern Sierra and deserts of Southern CA,  early Friday AM. Mammoth maybe too far north for good upper divergence from that low, but the Owens Valley may not.  (well see how the upper low actually sets up for the weekend by Wednesday or Thursday. The upstream kicker low will definitely bring some cooling to our area for lower snow levels Saturday.  The snow level is likely to be at or above 9,000 Friday before coming down Friday night. Several inches of snow is possible over the higher elevations Friday through Sunday. This is not the typical Springtime thunderstorms pattern.  Those usually set up off the Central or Southern Central CA. Coast. That may occur toward the following weekend….


Apparently…We are not done for snowfall for this season!


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Upper Flow at 700MB (10,000ft) is still out of the east and will back more out of the NE and then North this afternoon and tonight. The winds over the crest should be light on Saturday. All this because the highly amped ridge off shore is building into CA, ATM.   Temps this weekend in town look to be in the lows 60s. Night time lows in the upper 20s and low 30s.

Outside of a weak upper trof moving to our north bringing high cloudiness Saturday PM into Monday, the weather will remain mild and dry. This upper trof will no doubt bring a period of moderate wind to the crest later Sunday into Monday as it scoots east.  Another upper ridge will build into Ca, Wednesday and be followed with warmer temps.

Some Comments about the MJO:  In my platinum powder email yesterday PM, I discussed changes in the pattern coming up by the end of next week. Looking at the updated MJO Phase Space this AM, it was interesting to note that this was one of those unusual times that the GFS scooped the ECMWF in indicating a stronger MJO. When one model does that over the other, its week two forecast is more reliable!  The CPC commented on that in their Briefing last Tuesday. I like their briefings because they know which phase space to use and thus makes for a better week two outlook or at least which model’s week two forecast is the best. In this case, it is the American models week-two forecast.  Looking at the new update this morning at 8:00am, the ECMWF has come around to the GFS thinking and so I would imagine that it’s week two forecast on todays 12Z run will be more like the GFS. It is playing catch-up.

The profound statement from the briefing was that this particular progression of the MJO through Phase I, then into the circle of death will 1st; Enhance the El Nino’s effect upon the westerlies by “Constructively” Interfering with the El Nino Base state. Or in more simple terms….enhance it’s Convective Potential with the MJOs system of upper divergence in its nose.  On a large-scale, this is occurring right now as the MJO is -1 deviation of normal in phase space 1.  However, in the rear of the MJO as it progresses east will destructively phase with the remains of El Nino and that will likely put the nail in EL Nino’s coffin by May. The Nino Basins reserve of warm water is just about spent and an increasing amount of cold water subsurface has taken over. SEE:

What this all adds up to; is most likely the last MJO/El Nino modulated extension of the East Asian Jet undercutting the west coast upper ridge to the southern west coast of the CONUS this year; 1st with an incipient system associated with the pattern change the weekend of the 9th as a subtropical upper low ejects NE into Southern CA bringing showers to the sierra. This is the result of a strengthening belt of westerlies with a lead kicker trof, followed by the potential of a couple of good Sierra Storms and even a possible atmospheric river as well. All that sometime during the week beginning 11th then on through the end of the 3rd week of April. (Ten Days)

PS.  The year 2015 will go down as the worlds warmest in modern times…

Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………………..:-)

Cold Upper Low over CA today will bring gusty winds and a band of light snow through Mono County later this afternoon into this Evening….Unsettled weather to continue through Wednesday then fair and warmer Thursday through the weekend….

Thursday AM:

SST are really cooling along the west coast south to Pt. Conception as EL Nino Fades…

This means that coastal sections from Northern Ca south to Southern CA will have much more of a June Gloom season over the next few years…..


Tuesday PM; Longer Range Update:

From the briefing from the Climatic Prediction Center late this AM…They liked the GFS version of the MJO Phase Space currently strengthening a bit in Phase 8 and 1. The MJO will add a bit of life to ENSO by constructively interfering to the ailing El Nino which is weakening rapidly now. The SOI is -14 so there is still suppressed convection over the Maritime Continent.  Once the current MJO moves through….El Nino will probably crash. The CPC expects EL Nino to be, below the threshold by the end of May.  So during this upcoming month of April is El Nino Last Gasp, in its ability to modulate the westerlies through the East Pac.  It appears that we may have one more Eastern Extension of the EAJ during the latter part of week 2 and the 3rd week of April.  This maybe our last chance for a significant storm or two this season from an inter-seasonal and climatic point of view. . The chance is for LA as well…..



A cold upper low is spinning up over Northern CA this AM and will slide SE through the Central Sierra later today bringing light snow and blustery cold weather. Highs today at 8000 ft will peak out in the upper 30s early then plummet down into the low 20s later this afternoon…. Being that the upper level system is developing over land, little moisture is associated with it and the moisture band will diminish as it moves south today….Southern Mono county is expecting 4 to 7 inches with highest amounts in the coldest air over the sierra crest.

The Long Wave Trof will continue over the far west through Tuesday, then become stretched out with a portion of it ejecting through the Mid West Wednesday night while the back portion of it hangs back over Southern CA into Thursday AM. This will give Mammoth a strong easterly flow aloft which will affect mainly the sierra crest Thursday AM with gusty easterly winds…. By Thursday night the remains of the upper trof is over the Desert SW and Northern MX,  while the highly amplified ridge off shore builds bodily into CA. The result of this ridge will promote above normal temps for the upcoming weekend with highs in Mammoth in the low 60s and near 80 in Bishop for the first weekend of April.


Solar Cycle 24-25

Not much has been mentioned here at about Solar in a while.  The Sun completed it solar cycle 24 peak with a double peak in early 2014. At the moment, the solar cycle is crashing toward a solar minimum. What is most interesting is that this solar minimum is theorized to coincide with back to back small cycles for a Grand Minimum. One that has not happened in “about” 200 years. The next solar cycle 25 is expected to be an even smaller cycle than the current cycle 24.  Deep solar minimum’s are thought by some scientist’s to coincide with minor global cooling, and wetter weather in the west. One reason for this is the coincidence of increased seismic activity and volcanism. It is a known that with enough volcanic aerosols shot up into the stratosphere, and in the right geographical locations, global cooing can occur.   (Opine) As a side note, this has nothing to do with Anthropological Global Warming other than to possibly pause it for a while.


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