Mammoth had a good old-fashioned blizzard today. Strong gusty winds, and white out conditions challenged the best of drivers.  Although in the longer term, the american models (GFS) want to shift the big trof in the west to the east, (WEEK 2), The euro is stuck with its western trof and as long as the daily’s continue the trend of cold storms dropping out of the Northern Gulf of AK dragging down Arctic Air, will keep the status quote and call for more cold dry powder on the way.  PS, if the MJO is stuck in phase 8 over the boiling convection over the central equatorial pacific, do not be surprised if another AR develops during week 2 or first week of March….because of phase 8-1…. Watch for the -EPO or -WPO…under cutting westerlies…

So far Mammoth pass has picked up about 5 inches of water.  The upper mountain has picked up over 5 feet.  Will update Saturday to see what the morning totals will be.   Although storms total will not likely tally 10 feet on old Wooly….Amounts will challenge 7 or 8 feet by Monday AM at 6:00.


Monday and Tuesday look like the best Trans Sierra travel days, before another cold trof descends south down the coast Wednesday night and Thursday.  Another system with better over water trajectory is in the cards for another Dump by Saturday or Sunday the following weekend….If you like fresh powder most days of next week….this is your weather pattern!


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………….:-)