Everything coming together nicely!   Nice weekend followed by cooler weather 1st half of next week with the chance of some snow showers Monday Night.  Retrogression gives the next weather system some over water trajectory for Thursday into Friday with moderate snowfall amounts possible. Storm door opens to the pacific on the 13th with 3 day dump for several feet of snow through the 15th, These are cold storms as cross polar flow develops week 2 over the north pacific.  Further retrogression is expected later week 2 into Week 3 with a warm sector ahead of cold storms.  Christmas Week looks great as both EURO and GFS models coming into more agreement.

Updates forthcoming ………


Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………..:-)




All systems go for nice transition next week to cooler and at times, showery weather. Even the CPC included it in their outlook. It will be cold enough for snowmaking by Tuesday, and beyond. As mentioned earlier, the pattern is going into transition with retrogression of the long wave features. IE we get rid of our long wave ridge in time. So the eastern pacific high redevelops further west over the next 1 to 2 weeks. Breezy cooler WX with the chance of some showers Monday night and Tuesday. Then stronger winds developing later Wednesday into Friday AM,  turning colder yet with a period of light snow.  The period of the 14th through the 17th is still mixed at this time with unsettled weather meaning snowfall. Don’t ask how much as no one knows yet. The Euro is not as exciting as the GFS. But that is a long way out and just about anything good can happen!  Its painful to have to wait that long! 🙄


The Dweeber…………..:-)



Of Note; Bishop had a high of 74 degrees yesterday. However, the record was 80 set back in 1909. Todays record high is 72 set back in 2008,  so previous record high now in jeopardy. Expect more of the same this week with highs in Bishop in the low to mid 70s while at resort levels in the low 60s. The Sun sets at 4:45 PM today. As a note, the end of the 1st week of December is the week of the earliest sunsets of the year…..Not during the Solstice.

Again the weather is very quiet. not much breeze. Nights near freezing and the days in the low 60s.  Of interest, the daytime highs are normally reached between 12:30PM and 1:00PM vs Summer when highs are reached between 1:30PM and 2:30PM.

Now the Outlook;

The good news; there are an increasing number of ensemble members of the GFS that are showing a deepening Long Wave trough into the Intermountain west, then retrograding westward. This means that cooler then colder weather is progged to develop in the beginning of this change, next week. The WX charts show retrogression of the long wave in the 5 day means to a point where the storms will come in from the pacific, rather than drop in as an insider slider like in the beginning. The former brings colder weather, the further progs suggest better odds for significant snowfall toward the end of the transition.  Additionally, all global ensemble models forecast the Pacific North American Pattern (PNA) to become negative, as as a result, the the upper ridge that has been blocking storms in the PNA region disappears. (see graphics below)

The main point at this time is that the Dweebs want to make it clear that we should look at all this with cautious optimism. These are outlooks and not actual forecasts because of their distance in time.