Beautiful Sunday afternoon in town. 65 degrees and some very light breezes. A strong temperature inversion prevails.   As an example, the early morning low at 11,000 was 40 degrees. In the town of Mammoth 28 degrees at the visitors center, 33 at the Bishop AP and 21 degrees at Bridgeport.

Freezing Level was14,200 feet this AM.

A couple of short waves will flatten the current upper ridge this week. One Monday bringing lots of high clouds into Tuesday morning.  It will be a bit cooler, especially Tuesday.   More cloudiness expected later Wednesday afternoon into Thursday and other wave a little later in the week. Its very doubtful if well have any significant snowfall from these waves this week. The good news, is that it will cool down enough to resume snowmaking. The outlook is still dry through months end…..

Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………:-)



10:50AM Friday

CPC has La Nina as a moderate event now. Still shy of the strong event of 2020/2021


The positive phase of the Pacific North American circulation pattern is setting up with above normal temperature’s expected this weekend. The core of the upper ridge does come into Southern CA Sunday with 500MB heights according to the ECMWF as high as 591DM.  The Freezing Level is expected to go as high as 14,300 over our area by Sunday.  This is a pattern we are all familiar with. It is dry and mild.  Snow making will come to a halt this weekend. Early next week the ridge does flatten and give way to a few weak weather systems. The result will be cloudiness increasing Monday with breezy cooler weather expected Tuesday through Thursday. The chances of any precip at this time are slim and none.  However, with that said, better snowmaking weather will develop by the middle of next week and beyond.

Longer range in the week 2 period still has anomalous higher than normal heights at 500mb over our area. Although the upper ridge in the mean remains, there will still be weak shearing trofs or cut off lows that will tease the forecaster for time to time…Possibly through months end…..   I do expect the pattern to go into transition toward the end of the month. Both GEFS Ensembles and ECMWF weeklies, weeks 4 through 6 show some pretty good snow storms in their outlooks!!

High temperatures this weekend in Mammoth will likely reach the mid 60s with lows in the mid 30 and low 40s

Bishop will experience low 80s by weeks end.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs…………………….:-)