The on again off again and now on again threat for areas of significant rain in CA next weekend is in play. An accumulation of ensemble members are becoming for numerous for for just that option. In the meantime, hope must folks can get relief for the heat. Best places are at the immediate coast and in the upper elevation of the Mountains like Mammoth. Most other areas are in the upper 90s and 100s.
It was a 107 in Bishop Friday. More 105 to 108 temps seem likely through next Thursday. Thus more high temperature records on the way as very strong for September, Dome of High Pressure is locked in the next 5 days. Heights at 500MB as high as 600DM forecasted for this Tuesday-Wednesday over Utah and NV which may be the warmest days!! 597DM isoheights at 500MB all the way west to the Mojave Desert!

If this heat caused by the dome of high pressure remains strong and locked in over the west. The tropical system now forming off the coast of southern Mexico, becoming a hurricane by this Tuesday or Wednesday, off Baja will stay west enough to develop a South or Southwest upper jet, providing the lift for the moisture that would invade the state of CA. Timing….beginning about Friday or Saturday next week. This is likely to be followed by a major change in the pattern to one of windy and cooler weather with the chance of showers around the 15th or so..

The Dweeber………..